Eyetrak Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Eyetrack Shop, iPod Ads, Siri on iPhone 4 and more -- Live@5

JotNot Scanner Pro: App Review

http://iphonelife.com This week's app of the week is JotNot Scanner Pro, a great little app that allows you to capture, record and send documents on the fly.

i3D — Head Tracking for iPad: Glasses-Free 3D Display

Head-Coupled Perspective on Mobile Devices. We track the head of the user with the front facing camera in order to create a glasses-free monocular 3D display.

iPad 3 and iPhone 5 Coming This Fall? *GiveAway!!!*

Tech News Today 367: Apple Needs Charlie

Hosts:Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell Nobody wants WebOS, iOS app store insecure, self-checkout moves from groceries to Apple store, ...

Track IR 5 vs FaceTrackNoIR Comparison - DCS WORLD

I'm comparing Track IR the commercial head tracking module to the free alternative FaceTrackNoIR in the game DCS World. I wanted to give viewers a look into ...

iPad 3 Update

Chris Bregler describes NYU's IPhone App at Siggraph 2009

Chris Bregler showed me the invention of one of the NYU PhD students when I bumped into him at Siggraph.

The Eye Tribe Tracker - The world's first affordable eye tracker

Introducing The Eye Tribe Tracker, the first truly affordable eye tracker that precisely determines the on-screen gaze position. The Eye Tribe Tracker comes with ...

JotNot Scanner Pro

I love this app. It has done more to allow me to go paperless than any other tool.

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